Do you feel a strong intense connection and longing for someone and it will not go away, and it is leaving you confused and not sure which way to turn? Do you feel that you have met the One, but are going through difficult times and situations are keeping you apart? Are there signs being presented to you as to what your next step should be? And you dont know what to do?

I can see Exactly what they are thinking and Feeling about you. Will they make a commitment? Contact you--come back to you? I will help make your relationship work. When someone is "your heart" these are the answers you need!

To understand Divine Timing ,which is set by God...Sometimes, You or Your Soul Mate are in the middle of a karmic life lesson that must be completed so that you may be Together. Respect for this is paramount.

I advise everyone that all questions are significant to me, and I seek to help all that come to me. There is no magic here, just honest spiritual predictions that will amaze even the most staunch disbeliever. My clients often refer to me as the "real deal".

I ask that you approach our call with the clearest mind possible as not to confuse or block energy. And be prepared for the truth. Telling you only what I suspect you want to hear (by doomsaying, sugar coating or offering false hope) destroys my Ability to Work Effectively. I am very Gentle and Loving with my Clients. However my Readings are Brutally Honest. I always seek the Highest Good in all that I Do.

I only work Through Pure White Light so that You may feel Safe and Protected by God.



My Background

I didn't start off wanting to be a Clairvoyant Medium. I wanted to be a writer. But I was called to follow a different path. I did not seek this Gift, It found me.

When I was 7 I had a near death drowning experience. My sisters and I had been skating when I fell through the ice. My father saved me from that lake. I had experienced the most beautiful white light and I did not want to come back. But there was a reason I was rescued. God has His plan for me.

After I graduated with my masters degree, my abilities grew ever more powerful.

India beckoned to me....Called to my Spirit...I was drawn by some mystical force.

There, I studied at the Yoga institute for several years. My Master was an ascended Yogi and Spiritual Leader. My Natural Affinity with Soul Mates and Twin Flames was awakened. I knew I had found my Purpose.

I became an ordained Minister, Certified Past Life Regression Therapist and went on to be Certified by the American Association of Psychics. My clientele is now worldwide and I welcome All who seek their Destiny.

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